Antique wheel-lock puffer pistol to go off with a bang at collectible firearms auction

We can hardly wait for Hermann Historica's series of militaria auctions which spread throughout the next two weeks to get underway, including a truly beautiful range of edged weapons and some fascinating, though naturally controversial German militaria from the second quarter of the 20th century.

Naturally, there is also a strong section for lovers of antique firearms, which we can take a look at now.

The offerings in the section of high-quality pieces are once again very exclusive, starting with excellent flintlock pistols, such as the rare finely crafted flintlock pistols from Brescia made by Pietro Fiorentini around 1730, introduced at €8,000; a pair of flintlock pistols from Liège with chiselled gold-plated fittings from circa 1760 for at least €9,500.

Mauser C 96 Small Hammer pistol
Fine and deadly: the near-mint Mauser C 96 Small Hammer pistol

Then there is a pair of cased target pistols made by Devisme in Paris in about 1850, at a starting price of €8,800; to a fantastic wheel-lock puffer with a carved walnut stock, Brunswick or Dresden around 1570/80, for at least €12,500.

Remarkable is also a pair of first-class miquelet flintlock pistols, lavishly decorated with engraved floral silver inlays and mascarons from the workshop of Pasquale Feo in Naples, 18th century, which can be won for at least €6,000.

Top items can also be found among the firearms with modern action: rarities such as a Mauser pistol C 96 from the 1896 preseries in almost mint condition with a starting price of €12,000 or a Bittner pistol M 1893, up for sale at €5,500.

Wheellock puffer pistol
Historical craft: a wheel-lock puffer pistol

This repeating pistol was constructed by the proprietor of the gun factory of the same name in Weipert/Bohemia, Gustav Bittner. Since the pistol wasn't an economic success it was only manufactured in small numbers and is therefore now exceedingly rare.

The antique firearms are actually part of the first section of Hermann Historica's auction series, taking place on October 24-25.


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