Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf expected to make $15,000

One of Adolf Hitler's personal copies of his infamous polemic Mein Kampf will be sold at Alexander Historical Auctions.

The sale will take place in Maryland on March 17, with the lot valued at $12,000-15,000.  

Hitler Mein Kampf
The copy of Mein Kampf is signed by artillery officers from the US 45th Infantry Division

The book is a limited edition printing that dates to 1927. It's bound in red leather, with gold text on the spine that reads: "The National-Socialist Movement by Adolf Hitler".

It was liberated from Hitler's apartment in Munich on May 2, 1945, while the Battle of Berlin was raging. Hitler had killed himself in his bunker two days before, on April 30.

It's inscribed: "From Adolph Hitlers apartment in Munich on May 2 1945 John Grueber[?] Lt. Col. F[ield]A[rtillery]", and bears the signatures of 11 artillery officers of the US 45th Infantry Division.  

It's accompanied by a letter of provenance from the daughter of Captain Daniel B Allen, one of the signatories.

Another copy of Mein Kampf recovered from Hitler's bunker made £42,000 ($59,812) in a 2013 auction.

A German naval dagger and Iron Cross surrendered by the captain of U-249, a U-boat captured off the coast of Weymouth in May 1945, will also feature.

The pair is expected to sell for around $5,000-7,000.

The sale of Nazi memorabilia is highly controversial. It's banned in a number of countries and by most online auction sites.

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