A call to arms: Stunning Sultan's sword leads German auction

In a month's time, renowned German auction house Hermann Historica will be offering a wide range of military items from weapons to medals, and from log books to coding machines.

We've already talked about some of the pieces including Hermann Goring's First World War flight log book and the Enigma machines used in WWII.

One of the strongest aspects of the sale however is the selection of swords on offer from all periods of history.

There are two exceptionally old pieces in the sale: the blade of a Celtic-Roman iron sword from around the time of Christ is on offer with an estimate of €4,500 whilst the gladius of a Roman officer from the 2nd or 3rd century AD is on offer too.

Militaria collectors will know that 'gladius' is related to 'gladiator'. The pommel and hilt of the gladius have survived, and the whole piece is on offer for €6,500.

The two most exciting and beautiful pieces, however are from much later: 18th to 19th century.

Firstly, there is a golden-glowing honour sword and scabbard belonging to General H E Graf Kirchbach. Given to celebrate his 50th year in service, it is wonderfully preserved and is listed at €60,000 - a strong investment.

Sultan silver sword
Sultan's silver sword

Best of all however is piece created for sheer ostentatiousness. The Ottoman presentation kilic set is decorated with diamonds and emeralds, and the tughra of Sultan Abdul Hamid I is carved onto the silver scabbard.

Far too nice to risk damaging in battle, it is expected to sell for €120,000. The auction takes place in Munich from October 11 to 15.



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