$32,400 Military Cross awarded to a wounded sniper for actions in Iraq to sell
As we've reported Dix Noonan Webb is holding another of their exciting medals sales in two weeks' time, one of the highlights being a WWII George Cross.

The well-documented medal was awarded to hero of the Blitz James Scully, who saved a man and woman from being crushed by a bombed house, supporting an enormous amount of rubble when he could have escaped to safety.

That is expected to sell for up to £50,000 ($81,100). But it is by no means the only highlight in the sale.

Another, much more recent highlight is a 21st century group of six lead by a Military Cross.

The Iraq 2007 group was awarded to Corporal Jokini 'Sivo' Sivoinauca, 3rd Battalion The Rifles, a specialist sniper, who, although wounded himself, shot three insurgents armed with rocket propelled grenades who were attacking a Warrior Armoured Vehicle.

A native Fijian he was the first Rifleman of the newly formed Rifles Regiment to be awarded a Military Cross.

During the three hour battle in Basra which earned him his award, Sivoinauca had been shot in the chest, and saved from lethal injury only by his body armour.

From their rooftop vantage point, the snipers spotted a team of three insurgents darting through the rabbit-warren of homes and alleys as they fired rocket-propelled grenades at British troops.

Iraq 2007 Military Cross Medal set
Iraq 2007 Military Cross medal set

Under intense fire, and injured himself, Sivoinauca picked them off one at a time, allowing other soldiers to reach safety.

Sivonauca also deliberately missed a target during the battle - something a sniper never does. This was a boy of six or seven, relaying information on a mobile phone from another roof.

"He was scared, shaking. Every time he wanted to go back in through the curtain, they pushed him out. I turned the weapon on him, then to the side and fired two metres away. He just chucked the phone and ran. I have never regretted it. I have two little cousins the same age."

Sivonauca's medals are expected to sell for £15,000-20,000 ($32,400) in Dix Noonan Webb's sale which takes place in London on July 5.

The sale of recently awarded medals can be controversial, but if well-documented they can make valuable alternative investments.


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