$250k Third Reich tapestry to sell in Florida

Third Reich artefacts are easily the most controversial of war memorabilia, and a Himmler Reichstag tapestry is set to go under the hammer on December 5.

It has a pre-sale estimate of $150,000-250,000.

The WW2 tapestry was originally hung in the Reichstag, before being moved to the private residence of Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945), German Minister of the Interior.

But, Nazi iconography aside, the tapestry also represents a victory for the Allies. It was captured in 1945 by the 506th parachute regiment of the 101st division.

Third Reich Himmler tapestry
The 'Himmler' tapestry was originally hung in the Reichstag

The tapestry, constructed of heavy gold bullion and red velvet and measuring 7' x 9', will go auction at Affiliated Auctions in Tallahassee, Florida, US.

WW2 enthusiasts can find more information about the tapestry on page 66 of Colonel Johnson's book, World War Two German War Booty.

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