$250,000 Gatling gun set to mow down opposition at collectible firearm auction

At the end of the month, an exciting auction is coming up for collectors of firearms and militaria. Greg Martin Auctions is offering an extensive sale featuring everything from Confederate Civil War flags and pendants from the CSS Tennessee.

The event is based around Joe and Brian Buffer's collection of German military pistols in the last weekend of June. But it isn't a pistol that's likely to reach top lot status, but something altogether more startling.

Sporting ten musket-length 32" round and partially octagonal exposed bright steel barrels, an 1876 Gatling, manufactured in Hartford, Connecticut has already attracted a pre-auction bid of $90,000.

Marked as having been issued to the New Jersey National Guard, the 1876 Gatling was built at a significant period of the U.S. Government campaigns against hostiles in the West, and was a featured display at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, of 1876.

The Gun's inventor, Dr R J Gatling, was himself present on the opening day of May 10, 1876, when the Exhibition was officially opened by President Ulysses S Grant, not least in hope that he would be presented with a medal for his invention, which he duly was.

This example of the early machine gun is in good condition and estimated at $175,000-$250,000.

1876 Gatling Gun for sale
Not to be towed behind your car... the 1876 Gatling Gun

Also appearing in the auction will be an 1866 Lever Action Rifle Attributed to Indian Scout Luther S "Yellowstone" Kelly.

Kelly, born in New York in 1849, served in the Union Army during the Civil War and finished his enlistment in the American west. He mastered the Sioux language and began scouting for the military.

Kelly eventually became Chief of Scouts for the famed General Miles in 1876, serving at the Indian War battles of Wolf Mountain and Tongue River. Miles was lavish in his praise for Kelly's learning, expertise and combination of gentleness and bravery.

Despite being accomplished in its use, Kelly's Winchester shows little sign of wear and is generally in excellent condition. It carries a guide price of $70,000-100,000. The auction takes place in Irvine, California on June 26-27.



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