19th century weapons to auction in Detroit

DuMouchelles' March 12 auction will feature an abundance of antiques and collectibles, including a selection of antique firearms.

Among them will be a 19th century Persian/Caucasian Miquelet Rifle, a c. 1864, Model 1861 & Bayonet and two Belgian Sea Service Flintlock Holster Pistols from c. 1810-1840.

A Persian/Caucasian Miquelet Rifle, early 19th century ($1.2k-1.5k)

Alongside the vintage weapons, a French Dragoon Steel & Brass Helmet from c. 1830 and Three African Trophy Mounts are also being offered, including a Gemsbok Antelope, an Impala and a Cape Buffalo.

The auction will begin at 6.30pm on March 12 in Detroit, US - and continues through March 13-14, promising a range of art and unique items.

However, if you're a collectible weapons enthusiast and can't wait until March, an antique Kentucky rifle bearing a silver depiction of an Indian and tomahawk is selling at Dan Morphy Auctions of Denver, Pennsylvania, next week.

It carries an estimate of $7,500-12,000.


Images: DuMouchelles

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