1944 Chrysler M4A4 Sherman tank sells for $408,000

A 1944 Chrysler M4A4 Sherman was the lead lot of Artcurial's sale of the contents of the Normandy Tank Museum in Catz on September 18, achieving $407,680.

The museum closed recently due to a lack of funds.

Sherman M4A4 tank
Sherman M4A4 tank is painted in the colours of the US 2nd Armored Division

The M4A4 has been fully restored and painted with the original colours of the US 2nd Armored Division, also known as the "Hell on Wheels".

This is a reference to the 1944 Cobra offensive, which allowed the allies to break through the German lines soon after the Normandy landings.

A 1944 Chrysler M4 Sherman was another highlight, with a final bid of $347,984.

It's also painted in 2nd Armoured Division colours.

The M4 first rolled off the production line in 1942. It was designed to be fast and highly manoeuvrable - making it a key asset on the battlefield.

Matthieu Lamoure, managing director of Artcurial Motorcars, said: "What success for this unique sale.

"It was wonderful to see so many enthusiasts together in the room, in addition to those bidding on the telephone and internet.

"Many were taking part in an auction for the first time. We have our finger on the pulse of this global market and achieved many benchmark prices.

"People were talking in English, German and French..."

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