$12k for the way of the Samurai

Aside from the rare medals and veterans' memorabilia which usually appears in militaria sales, here's a quick look at an ancient Japanese artefact.

A beautiful original antique Samurai daisho, around 300 to 400 years old, is currently available on the collectors' market.

The daito, meaning big sword - as opposed to shoto, meaning small sword - was typically employed in man-to-man combat.

The swords' skins bear finely crafted

This daisho is composed of the katana and the wakizashi, the latter being the shorter sword.

The wakizashi, in particular, was intended as an effective main-gauche or close-combat weapon.

Four hundred years ago, this antique daisho would have been intended for defense against two simultaneous enemies, designed specifically for a more widespread fighting range.

Each sword boasts polished ray skin, one of the most expensive and highly prized forms of sword decoration at the time of the Samurai.

Antique Samurai daisho, priced £11,950

The large and small protruding nodules were hand polished for hundreds of hours to create a highly refined flat surface. This surface was then hand-dyed for an immense natural beauty.

This daisho pair is currently available on the collectors' market, priced £11,950.


Image: the Lanes Armoury

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