Romanian coins worth €85k handed over to police

The treasure is believed to come from the 1st century BC, and is a highly valued part of Romania's national heritage

'Finest haul' of Viking silver goes on display

Coins and jewellery delighted experts at the British Museum - and a new expo is set to cause more fascination

Three rare coin auctions combine to net $18.4m

US, Portugese and Brazilian coins sell for $100k or more in a big numismatic blast to end summer 2009

Man vs US government in $60m gold coin ownership dispute

The authorities claim that a stash of ultra-rare 1933 'double eagle' coins found in family's basement belongs to them

The $1.27m copper coin...

One cent coin with double claim to fame sells for record amount

Charity finds rare British 20p coin...

Local Age Concern finds a rare coin and quadruples their takings

Unique bank note issued in Hong Kong

'Unique, one of its kind' note celebrating bank's 150th year could be a shrewd investment for collectors

Largest ever cache of Jewish coins discovered

'Excellent condition' coins, pottery and weapons from Third Jewish-Roman War found in a cave in Israel

China pushes its citizens to buy silver and gold

New government TV advert could prompt massive coin, jewellery and watch price rises � and see China overtake India in gold investing

3,000 coins to display at Prague National Museum

Coins date back to the 15th century, from all over Europe

Exceptionally rare US gold coin to auction in US

'The 1920-S is one of the prime rarities in the entire 20th century U.S. gold series,' says leading coin author

Rare US 'flowing hair' coin heads up auction

$250k coin amongst range of fine examples in US coin sale

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