"Look out for 20 pences with no date on" joked group secretary Robert Dunn as he started counting the takings from the bucket used for collections outside Derby Road's Morrisons with treasurer Jodie Forrest.

Minutes later that joke paid off.

"He was shuffling through them looking for these 20ps and he spotted a really shiny one. Then he said, 'look it's got no date on." said Mrs Forrest.

As we explained in a previous story, the coins were created by combining a new, dateless coin back with an old, dateless coin front in 2008.

In that story the finders took up the London Mint on their offer of £50 for the coin. But these coins have since been sold for up to £7,000 each on the internet.

This time the coin was bought from the charity in Eastwood, Nottingham by shopkeeper Raja Ditta of nearby Radford for £1,000, boosting the Morrisons' bucket takings from £311 to £1,311.

Mr Ditta now owns six of the coins.

It's naturally difficult to predict how much the coins will be worth at auction in years to come.

The popular interest in collecting the coins, of which up to 200,000 were thought to have been released into circulation, will mean that one going up for auction won't necessarily be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the buyer.

Condition may well be the difference with the coins, perhaps making the 'really shiny one' from an Eastwood Morrisons shopper more valuable than most.




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