William IV 2 mohurs coin to make $12,500 in UK auction?

A superb William IV 2 mohurs coin is to star as part of Baldwin's world coins and commemorative medals auction on September 26.

The coin was originally issued in India in 1835, and is noted for its rarity as one of the few "original strike" pieces known to exist.

William IV 2 mohurs coin
The record price for the coin at auction is $26,382

The gold coin, which was never intended for circulation and mainly exchanged for silver by merchants, was subject to a number of official and unofficial re-strikes up until 1935, the majority of which were sold as presentation or collectors pieces.

It is believed that 1,000-1,174 examples of the original 2 mohurs coin were struck by the Calcutta mint, though this is uncertain as the coinage of India is notoriously complex. However, original strikes of the coin are exceedingly rare, as demonstrated by the record price set at $26,382 in India earlier this year.

The example at auction, made by William Wyon, chief engraver at the royal mint, will sell with a £6,000-8,000 estimate. It is in very fine condition, marred only by the fields having minor contact marks.

Following this will be an original strike single mohur, which was issued in the same year as the double mohur. In extremely fine condition, though not as rare as its counterpart, it will sell for £5,000-6,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles is currently offering a William IV proof crown from 1831, which was also created by William Wyon.

The coin is engraved "W. W." at the front, over a weaker trace of "W. Wyon". It is presumed that this error was due to the first die proposed for the coin being printed with "W. Wyon" and then later changed when it was considered too bold of Wyon to use his full surname on the king's coinage. This is an exceedingly rare, previously unrecorded variety.

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