Warsaw Ghetto scrip notes to sell in Israel

A complete set of the Warsaw Ghetto scrip notes, printed by the Jewish residents of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1941, is to sell at Tel Aviv Stamps.

They are believed to be proofs designed by the resistance that never entered circulation.

After their imprisonment in the ghettos, the Jews had all their money confiscated by the Nazis and given paper tokens.

This scrip from the Warsaw ghetto is a deeply moving piece of Jewish history

These were worthless outside the walls of the ghetto and were designed to discourage escape.

These particular examples were printed on linoleum and bear the initials of the SZDP (the Jewish postal service) and the RZzW (the council elected to run the ghetto).

The 50 groszy note features a breathtaking piece of symbolism.  

The flame on the right symbolises the SS, while on the left a number of stars of David are seen separated by a fence.

On January 18, 1943, following months of deportations to concentration and death camps, the residents of the ghetto rose up in armed resistance.

The fighting went on for around four months and ended with the systematic eradication of the ghetto and the vast majority of the people living there.

The collection is valued at $400 ahead of the November 9 sale.

Another set sold for $500 at Cherrystone Auctions in 2003.

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