The greatest coin show on Earth is to begin in Los Angeles on August 5.

The five-day long American Numismatic Association's annual World's Fair of Money Convention is considered by many as the centre of the numismatic world.

Over 1,100 dealers will be attending.

In total, there will be 100 exhibits covering nearly every area of numismatics, with some of the world's most valued rarities up for sale.

Collectors will be attending operating booths to buy, sell and trade literally hundreds of millions of dollars worth of coins; from Ancient coins of Greece and Rome, Banknotes, Rare US coins, World coins and every form of Gold and Silver bullion imaginable.

The Smithsonian Institution will display several rarely-seen national treasures from the National Numismatic Collection, including an example of the world's most valuable coin: a US gold 1933 $20 Double Eagle which sold for $7.5 million in a 2002 auction.

The convention will also include what many experts consider as "the single most important coin in American numismatics." - The Famous 1787 Brasher Doubloon.

This famous coin, with its unique hallmark-on-breast, was hand-struck by George Washington's onetime neighbor, silversmith Ephraim Brasher.

Also on display will be one of only two known 1849 pattern Double Eagle and $20 denomination gold coins.

The U. S. Treasury Department Bureau of Engraving and Printing will have over $1bn of currency on display including multiple sheets of $100,000 bills

Finally, three of the five known 1913 Liberty Head nickels will be displayed together. Each is worth in excess $3m dollars.

If you are interested in coin collecting, then Los Angeles is the place to be this week.

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