Video of the Week... The world's largest coin sells for $4.02m

This coin breaks all records... It weighs a staggering 100 kilos, measures 53 cm in diameter and can't even be lifted by two men.

Also proving its unique status, the coin is listed in the current edition of the Guinness Book of Records.

And now the 2007 Canadian $1,000,000 Maple Leaf - officially the world's largest gold coin - boasts a massive market value, after selling at Vienna's Dorotheum auction house last week.

Eyes all around the world were on the coin - which also happens to be made exclusively of the purest, finest and most refined 999.99/1000 gold available on the market.

The coin's reverse bears three maple leaves, including the national symbol of Canada where the coin was originally minted.

Meanwhile, on its obverse is the image of Elizabeth II - the largest official portrait of the Queen in solid gold.

The 100 kg (220.5 lb) Maple Leaf one of only five of its kind ever produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Hopes were high, as the coin's $1m face value is far below the current gold price.

In the end, onlookers hoping for an historic auction event weren't disappointed. The coin finally sold to ORO direct, a Spanish precious metals trading company for a massive $4.02m (€3.27m).


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