UK’s new polymer £10 note appeals to collectors

The introduction of the UK’s polymer £10 note today represents a new opportunity for buyers to pick up low-numbered specimens.

As with the arrival of the new £5 note last year, collectors will be seeking out notes beginning AA01. The more zeros following those first figures the better.

Polymer 10 Jane

The new note features a portrait of writer Jane Austen 

On October 6, Spink will host a charity sale of low-numbered new £10 notes in London.

The highlight looks set to be a specimen with the code AA01 000010, valued at £2,000-3,000 ($2,708-4,062).

That estimate could prove low, given the high demand for the £5 polymer note.

Jesse McLure of popular TV show Storage Hunters, who made a profit of £2,800 ($3,794) on a low numbered £5 earlier this year, told the MailOnline: “I expect the AA01 000010 note to sell for more like £8,000 to £10,000 – the estimate is low considering the fact it is number 10 of a new £10 note.

“The key thing is you've got to flip it quick otherwise the market will become saturated with sellers flooding eBay.”

The highest valued piece in the sale is an intact sheet of 54 notes. It’s described by Spink as being “possibly unique in private hands”.

The new note features a portrait of author Jane Austen. 

While low-numbered serials are going to be most sought after, some have suggested that notes featuring the initials JA and the sequences "16121775" or "18071817" (Jane Austen’s respective birth and death dates) may also be valuable.

It will however be some time before these are rolled out.

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