Tyrant Collection coin exhibit heading to Long Beach Expo

Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctions has announced it will exhibit the acclaimed Tyrant Collection (the world’s most valuable coin collection) at next year’s Long Beach Expo.

The collection is focused on coins issued by absolute rulers throughout human history.

As you’d expect, the ancient world is particularly well represented.

Tyrant collection Goldberg

This Ptolemy IV gold octodrachm (circa 202-200 BC) is one of the collection's highlights

But it also features the most valuable collection of British coins in private hands, including a proof set of Edward VIII (referred to as the Tyrant of the Thames – presumably in reference to his Nazi connections).

Ira Goldberg, one of the custodians of the exhibition, said: “For a number of years, the Tyrant collector has been assembling what is undoubtedly the world’s most valuable coin collection in private hands, worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I’m sure collectors will be surprised and delighted as more information is revealed about upcoming displays of this remarkable collection.”

The owner of the collection has chosen to remain anonymous.

They explained their fascination with this unusual branch of numismatic study: “Tyrants have been the primary shapers of history for thousands of years.

“One of the first things tyrants do upon obtaining power is strike coins with their name and likeness, announcing their claim to their territory.

“And they continue to mint coins to maintain their claim until the day they die or are deposed.

“Everyday coinage is the primary means by which tyrants notify their subjects and rivals of their tyranny.”

You can get a first look at this astonishing collection at the Long Beach Expo on February 22-24,

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