Top collector's coins to shine at auction

Jay Brahin is a name familiar to many numismatists. Interested in rare coins for nearly 50 years, Brahin became a serious numismatist a decade ago. He quickly built respect right at the top of the gold coin set, drawing on his experience as an investment portfolio manager.

Brahin, who is currently President of the 20th Century Gold Club, also has a particularly keen eye when it comes to picking the very finest grades of rarities, and now those attending the famous FUN sale in January will get a chance to see the fruits of his selection.

Seven of the very finest Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles you are ever likely to see are available to buy.

Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle gold pieces are regarded as some of the most beautiful you are likely to see. Minted between 1907 and 1933, some are still reasonably common, so not all years have a value significantly above that of their bullion value.

Some however are very rare indeed, especially in condition good enough to show off the design to its fullest.

The examples Brahin is offering (all graded by the PCGS) include a 1924-D MS65, (surpassed by only three other coins), a 1925-S MS65, (one of a mere nine coins graded by the major services in MS65 or better, a 1929 MS65 and a 1926-D MS65.

1920-S Double Eagle
1920-S Double Eagle (reverse)

Perhaps the most exciting however are the 1920-S MS64 and the 1931-D MS65 which really are exceptionally rare, and a 1927-S, which at MS66 stands alone for condition worldwide for that issue. Comparable coins have fetched six figure sums at previous auctions.

The famous FUN sale takes place on January 6-10 in Florida, and will offer the chance to see many other exceptionally beautiful coins, as well as the Olsen 1913 Liberty Head Nickel.


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