The Top Three most valuable US coins

Earlier this month, Heritage Auction Galleries sold an extremely rare example of the 1913 Olsen Liberty Nickel at its Florida United Numismatics (or FUN) auction.

Attracting widespread interest from numismatists across the globe, the special coin eventually commanded an incredible $3.7m - signalling that 2010 could be a very good year indeed for coin collectors.

The 1913 Liberty Nickel ($5.9m)

However, there are other coins on the market worth even more than the 1913 Olsen Liberty Nickel. Below, we look at the three most valuable coins in the world.

And remember, the value for each coin will only continue to appreciate...

3. The 1913 Liberty Nickel

The Liberty Nickel isn't just remarkable for its value. It is, bizarrely, also one of the only legal coins every to be produced without the knowledge of the US Mint (the reasons for which various theories abound).

The 1933 Double Eagle ($8.9m)

Only five variants of the nickel are today known to exist, with two in museums and three in private collections.

One of these is the Olsen piece which, as mentioned above, commanded $3.7m at a FUN earlier this month.

Current value: $5.9m

2. The star-crossed 1933 Double Eagle

While it only boasts the global coin market's second-highest value, the 1933 Double Eagle is in fact the rarest and most famous US coin in the world.

Following a series of complex events in the coin's history, going back nearly a century, there is now only one example of the coin which collectors can legally own.

The 1804 Silver Dollar ($10m)

The 1933 Double Eagle currently holds the record for highest value realised at auction by a single US coin, having once commanded a price of $7.59m.

Current value: $8.9m

1. The 1804 Silver Dollar

In good condition, this Silver Dollar is worth $10m, which officially makes it America's most valuable coin.

The coin's near-mythical status is bolstered by its rarity - only 19 examples are known to exist - as well as its design and beauty.

One of the coins currently resides in the Smithsonian Institution, one is in the American Numismatic Association museum, and the other six are owned by very lucky private collectors.

Current value: $10m


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