The rise of 'The Million Dollar Coin Club' - a 'fine' sign for numismatics investors

A recent announcement by the Professional Coin Grading Service - PCGS - will make very exciting reading for serious numismatic collectors and investors.  They report that many of the world's most valuable coins have significantly jumped up in value, which is always very welcome news for coin enthusiasts looking for big returns on their investments.

The report specifically relates to US coins, which are among the most prized coins in the world.  In 1996, there was only one US coin valued at over $1m - incredibly, 15 years later that number has leapt to 235.  Their total combined value is a staggering $548,600,000.

In their second annual reference guide - entitled 'The Million Dollar Coin Club' - the PCGS stated the rarest and most coveted US coins have increased by between 25 and 50% in the last year.  This news pays testament to the continuing strength of collectible coins and alternative investment generally.


Tsar Alexander I Rubel
A rare 1801 Tsar Alexander I rouble

The coin that smashed the million dollar barrier in 1996 was a 1913 Liberty Head nickel - one of only five known to exist.  Back then, it realised $1,485,000 - 15 years later it has appreciated considerably, valued at a remarkable $4.5m.  This really underlines how powerful an investment a rare coin can be.

The most expensive US coin is an 1849 'Double Eagle' $20 gold piece, housed in the Smithsonian.  It was valued at $15m last year - but after a 33% increase in value, it is worth a staggering $20m in 2011.  These breathtaking increases perfectly illustrate the rise in the value of numismatic rarities.

As we reported, an 1801 Russian Rouble, depicting Tsar Alexander I, was sold by Kuenker for $217,000 last month.  In the same month, a unique coin minted by Italian Marquis Napoleone Spinola in 1644 realised $137,000.

Some more reasonably priced coins, which would suit entry-level coin investors, are also available.  Of much interest to collectors is this 1877 $20 Liberty Head, which has an estimate of $8,000-12,000 - with the massive increase in the value of US coins, this could make an excellent investment.


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