Syracuse, Sicily Euainetos decadrachm auctions for $341,000 at Heritage

A decadrachm minted in the style of Euainetos in Syracuse on the island of Sicily in 400-390 BC has sold for $340,750 at Heritage Auctions.

The lot led the World and Ancient Coins Platinum Night Auction in Chicago on August 8.

decadrachm Heritage
The Syracuse decadrachm is one of the most desirable coins of the ancient world

The issue was introduced under the reign of Dionysius I (409-367 BC) and designed by two of the city's greatest engravers, Kimon and Euainetos.  

The dies are unsigned, but are executed in Euainetos' style, indicating that they may have been produced by an apprentice.

The auction house commented prior to the sale: "One of the largest silver denominations minted in classical antiquity, the decadrachm of Syracuse remains one of the most alluring and celebrated coins in history.

"Signed decadrachms generally command a premium over their unsigned counterparts.

"A comparably struck and preserved signed specimen sold in November 2013 for a hammer of $437,000, while one of the most attractive unsigned versions (graded extremely fine by NGC) sold in January 2011 for a hammer of $260,000."

Other lots included a Chinese 1906 empire gold pattern kuping tael, which made $305,000.

The lot was issued under the Guangxu emperor and is one of a small number produced for the imperial court at the official mint.

A sale of US coins also took place at Heritage in Chicago over the weekend, with a 1792 silver-centred cent achieving $1.9m.

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