Proof 1831 capped bust quarter auctions for $135,000

A proof 1831 capped bust quarter topped a sale of US coins at Heritage Auctions in San Francisco on March 23, making $135,125.

The coin was acquired by a European noble on a visit to the US in the 19th century and was rediscovered only recently.

Liberty Quarter 1831
The 1831 quarter dollar was brought to Europe in the 19th century

Graded PR66, it features clear surfaces and complementary toning, with a long die crack on the reverse the only detracting feature.

An 1898 deep cameo $20 Liberty double eagle made $64,625.

Only 75 of the coins were ever struck, of which around 35-40 examples of varying grades have survived to the present day. This near-gem example is among the finest known and has been graded PR64.

"Deep cameo" refers to the highly lustrous surfaces of the coin, which was a feature of all double eagles up until the production process changed in 1902.

A 1907 high relief $20 double eagle sold for $52,875.

Augustus Saint Gaudens produced the design for the 1905-1907 double eagle, considered the most beautiful of any US coin.

The example sold was the more common wire rim variety, which features a slight gap around the perimeter.

In 2012, a 1907 ultra high relief $20 double eagle made $1.1m at Heritage Auctions.

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