John Michael Hill is held in a cell in Florida awaiting trial for the murder of a man he had a close and romantic relationship with for two decades.

He denies first degree murder, though police reports claim he was found near the body of Charles Longboat, who had been stabbed to death, making comments including "I had to do it". But this is not the only lawsuit Hill is involved in.

Much of a cash sum of $600,000, ostensibly belonging to Longboat, had been invested in gold coins and bars. The money came from several life insurance policies, which had been taken out on Hill's mother, when she died in 2007.

Longboat's mother, Wilhelmina Longboat, took these gold items out of the safe the two men shared at some point after the stabbing. But Hill claims the policies, payout and therefore gold have really always been his.

He says that he took the first of several policies out on his mother back in 2001/2002, and had been paying $2,000 per month premiums for four years when Longboat suggested putting the policies in his name for financial reasons, and made some contributions.

Hill claims it was always understood that the money was his - minus the contributions that Longboat made - according to lawyer Robert Heyman who is acting on his behalf, adding that the gold is Hill's only asset, though he realises he would have to face tax issues for not declaring it. 


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