Metal detectorist finds $13,000 medieval ring in field

A metal detectorist has uncovered a valuable medieval ring in a field near the ancient parish church of Beverley Minster in Yorkshire.

The circa 1450-1550 piece is made from 20 karat gold and engraved with a portrait of St George. It’s clearly a high-status item and may well have belonged to a bishop.

Beverley Minster Yorkshire

Beverley Minster has been a place of worship since the 8th century AD

A monastery has existed at the site of Beverley Minster since AD 700. It’s named for its founder St John of Beverley, who was canonised in the 11th century.

The church has existed in its present form since the early 13th century and is regarded as an exceptional example of early English gothic architecture.

Hanson’s Auctioneers estimates the value of the ring at £10,000 ($13,587) ahead of its sale on January 24.

Detectorist Adam Day told the BBC: "I was shaking when I found it. It was quite close to the surface, not buried deep in the ground. It is engraved with St George and St Catherine and features floral emblems.

“I have had some interesting finds before including a Bronze age axe and Celtic brooch but this is the best yet.”

For anyone considering rushing out to buy a metal detector, it’s important to seek the landowner’s permission before starting out. The profits on any finds are typically split 50/50 between landowner and detectorist (as is the case here).

Last year a 15th century brooch discovered in the grounds of a Leicestershire castle sold for £20,000 ($25,614).

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