Indian 1878 proof mohur coin up 212% at Baldwin's

The first sale of the David Fore Collection of India has taken place in London, with a proof restrike of the 1878 mohur coin selling as top lot.

1878 mohur proof restrike India coin
It is thought that 95% of Indian proofs on the market today are restrikes

The sale was held yesterday (May 8), with the mohur making an impressive 212.2% increase its high estimate with a final realisation of £25,000 ($38,763).

In total, the sale realised £1m ($1.6m), a considerable gain on the estimated £389,480 ($603,904), with every lot sold.

David Fore's collection is described by the auction house as "the most impressive collection of Indian coinage ever to be sold by public auction".

Yesterday's  auction focused on rare proofs, restrikes and off-metal strikings, while the second part - to be held on May 31 - will display patterns and proofs of British India, the presidencies and Indian native states.

The gold proof restrike mohur of 1878 sold in spectacular gem uncirculated condition, with its reverse reading "VICTORIA EMPRESS" with a young bust of Queen Victoria I.

It is estimated that over 95% of all the India proof coins on the market today are restrikes, with the Bombay and Calcutta mints re-striking proof specimens of many coins since a very early date in their history.

Usually, the buyer supplied the gold and paid a small fee for these restrikes, allowing enthusiasts to complete their collection.

The second highest bids of the sale were seen by an 1835 early proof restrike 2 mohurs, bearing the emblem of the East India Company on its reverse and a portrait of King William IV on the obverse. With just a few light marks in the field, the uncirculated coin matched its high estimate at £15,000 ($23,258).

Paul Fraser Collectibles has some fantastic rare coins for sale, including this stunning William IV 1831 proof crown, a transitional rarity that is unrecorded in English Silver Coinage.

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