Gelon I silver tetradrachm expected to make $75,000 on May 14

A silver tetradrachm, minted in Syracuse circa 485-478 BC under the reign of Gelon I, is valued at $75,000 ahead of a sale at the Classical Numismatic Group.

It will headline an online auction of Ancient, World and British coins on May 14.

silver tetradrachm Syracuse
Syracuse was famous for its coinage in the ancient world

The coin was one of a large number issued to fund the war against the Carthaginians, who were defeated at Himeria in 480 BC.

In the aftermath of the conflict, the city became enormously wealthy - encouraging an influx of artists and craftspeople. Later Syracucian tetradrachms (from the third century BC onward) are considered the high water mark of Grecian coinage.

This archaic example features a charioteer overseen by a winged Nike, while the obverse shows a bust of the nymph Arethusa surrounded by four dolphins.   

A gold pentadrachm of Ptolemy III is valued at $75,000.

gold tetradrachm Ptolomey
Berenice II was murdered by her son in 221 BC

The lot dates to 224-221 BC and displays a bust of Berenice II, wife of Ptolemy, who was murdered by her son Ptolemy IV in 221 BC.

She became a popular mythological figure in ancient Egypt after a lock of her hair mysteriously disappeared from a temple in Syria. It was said to have formed a new constellation.

The coin is exceptionally well centred and struck, with minimal cracks and other markings.

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