Any bowl, hat or car boot used for donations to charity is going to get some unexpected, and typically unhelpful, contributions along with the loose change.



Anything small and circular, such as a button or watch battery is unsurprising. If the drive is being run by firefighters, phone numbers are also run of the mill.



 This year, the Orlando fighfighter’s annual collection for the Muscular Dystrophy Association received something more valuable than most phone numbers: a 1912 gold coin with an Indian head on it.



This rare coin has been valued at $200. Amy McClelland of the MDA believes that the donation was not just a careless error, but a subtle way to make a large donation.





Every year we get a surprise donation. I don't think a rare coin is going to be sitting in the ash tray.” she pointed out. Indeed it’s not the first time that a rare coin has appeared in a charity collection in this way, with some examples being worth thousands of dollars.



It is doubtful however whether all these donations can be deliberate as someone who cherishes old coins enough to possess them in the first place is unlikely to lob them in the general direction of a pile of coppers and watch batteries.  ____________________________________________________________

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