Claudius II Gothicus aureus valued at $45,000

A mint AD 268-269 Claudius II Gothicus aureus could make $35,000-45,000 in a sale of world and ancient coins.

Clauidus II ruled the Roman empire for just under two years (AD 268-270).  

Claudius Gothicus aureus

The Claudeus II Gothicus aureus is in mint state 

He attained the position after rising through the ranks of the military. His predecessor, Gallienus, was assassinated – although it’s never been satisfactorily proven that Claudius was behind the killing.

He proved to be an effective leader during a fraught period for the Romans, who were under pressure from all sides, and was instrumental in reuniting the failing empire.

He was given the name Gothicus after defeating the ferocious goths at the Battle of Naissus in 268 or 269.

This coin bears that title, indicating it was minted following his victory.

Claudius died of smallpox in 270, but these wouldn’t be the last coins to bear his name. Constantine the Great would mint a run in his honour in the 4th century.

An aureus of Claudius I, minted circa AD 49-50, is also expected to reach $35,000-45,000.

The coin shows Claudius wearing the oaken crown that the senate gave him - largely out of relief that he wasn’t anything like as bad as his predecessor, the tyrannical deviant Caligula.

The sale is hosted on April 7-10 by Heritage Auctions, as part of the Chicago Coin Expo 2017.

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