Charles II patterned crown sets new record for English silver coin

A 1663 Charles II patterned silver "Reddite" crown has set a new world record for an English silver coin at auction.

It made £396,000 ($658,161) at Spink in London, up 229.9% on a £120,000 ($201,180) estimate.

The coin was designed by Thomas Simon (1623-1665) - the most significant engraver of his era - and is considered his magnum opus.

Reddite crown Charles
The Charles II patterned crown was minted by engraver Thomas Simon in 1663

It features the inscription "Reddite quae Caesaris Caesari &ct post" or "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's" around the edge - celebrating the restoration of the crown following Cromwell's reign.

Only five examples are known to exist.

It features a superb bust of the king based on a miniature by Samuel Cooper (1609-1672) on the obverse, with a royal coat of arms over a cross of St George on the reverse.

It also smashed the previous record for a Charles II crown, set at £207,000 ($347,035) for an example of the "Petition" issue.

A gold Charles I triple unite coin, minted in 1642 during the English civil war, made £36,000 ($59,860).

We have this rare lightweight unite coin produced in the Tower of London in 1626, the first year of Charles I's reign.

We also have a shilling created in the besieged city of Carlisle in 1645.

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