Celtic Ambiani gold stater highlights sale at Ira & Larry Goldberg

A gold stater minted by the Celtic Ambiani tribe in Northeastern Gaul during the 2nd century BC is the headline lot of a sale at Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers in LA on January 26.

The rare coin is valued at up to $17,500-20,000.

Goldberg Ambiani stater
The Ambiani were renowned for their skill in manufacturing currency

The Ambiani people occupied the region of France known today as the Somme and were known throughout Europe for their skill in coin manufacture.

They were beaten decisively by the Romans in 52 BC while attempting to relieve Vercingetorix during the siege of Alesia. With the imposition of Roman administration, Ambiani coins cease to depict local deities. This specimen displays a Gallic interpretation of Apollo.

A gold dinar produced in the Sasanian Kingdom under the reign of Bahram II is estimated to make $15,000-18,000.

It was issued in AD 276-293 and displays a bust of the king, with a flaming altar shown on the reverse.                

The Sasanian empire spread throughout modern day Iran, the last to do so before the rise of Islam, and lasted from 224-651 AD.

Bahram II reportedly lapsed into tyranny at the start of his reign - up until he was shown the error of his ways by the head of the Magi, after which he took pains to prove himself a gentle and wise ruler.

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