Banq de Madagascar 5000 franc note to make $29,000?

A Banq de Madagascar 5000 franc note will highlight the sale of the Ibrahim Salem Collection of African Banknotes at Spink in London on October 4.

The note carries a valuation of £11,000-15,000 ($17,678-28,928) and dates to April 30, 1942. Printed in dark green ink on brown paper, the note displays an image of a woman holding a bowl of fruit next to a baobab tree.

5000 franc Madagascar
The note dates to April 30 1942

It features pinholes but is otherwise in extremely fine condition. "Specimen" is overprinted on the front and reverse.  

A Zanzibar Government five rupee note, dating to August 1, 1916, is also featured. It displays ornate background detail, including a dhow and a group of fruit pickers in the bottom corners.

Two signatures appear on the front, along with an interesting annotation: "Rent paid for a week".

The example is described as very fine and rare in any condition. This particular note is in above average condition for its type and features an £8,000-12,000 ($12,857-19,286) valuation.

In 2011 a collection of Zanzibar Government banknotes sold for £175,890 ($287,000) at Spink in London, surpassing the initial valuation of £20,000-30,000 ($32,148-48,223) by 486%.

A Bank of the Gold Coast £100 circa 1953 is also of note. Violet and multicoloured, it features a portrait of Elizabeth II to the left, and a central palm tree. The background is ornate, and features a violet river and jungle on the reverse. It is expected to make £8,500-9,000 ($13,661-14,465).

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