7th century Anglo Saxon shilling offered at Spink


An early 7th century Anglo Saxon shilling (or Thyrmsa) will auction at Spink on March 22. 

The coin will headline the first part of the Academic Collection of Lord Stewartby auction, which is made up of Norman and Anglo Saxon currency. 

Anglo Saxon coin
The shilling is the first English coin to display the name of a king

This is a particularly fine example of this very rare issue, which is among the most important coins of its era. 

As Spink explains: "The real significance of these coins is in the obverse inscription naming the historical figure of king Eadbald. 

"This is exceptional for a coin of this period and is only certainly found again at the end of the seventh century with the Sceattas of Aldfrith of Northumbria (685-705). 

"As such the Eadbald Thrymsa is the earliest coin issued in the name of an English king…

"Six coins other than this example are recorded with five of the six in institutional collections. Only one example other than this specimen is therefore in private hands."

It's expected to sell for around £12,000-15,000 (16,972-21,216). 

Other items offered in the sale include a penny struck under the reign of Queen Cynethyrth of Mercia in the late 8th century, which is valued at £5,000-7,000 ($7,072-9,900). 

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