20% of ultra-rich invest in collectibles, reveals market survey

A significant proportion of high net worth individuals are investing heavily in the collectibles market, reveals a recent survey by Spectrem Group.

The Asset Allocation, Portfolios and Primary Providers report states that 14% of Mass Affluent individuals (those with a net worth of $100,000-1m), 18% of millionaires (with a net worth up to $5m) and 20% of Ultra High Net Worth individuals (up to $25m) are putting money into collectible investments.

Brasher doubloon
Rare coins like the Brasher doubloon are popular with wealthy investors

The value of these holdings is $21,000 on average for the Mass Affluent class, rising to $181,000 among the ultra rich. Interestingly, the less well-off Mass Affluent category is investing a greater portion of funds in collectibles - around 21% in some cases.

The two most popular areas for investment are art and coins; both branches of the market have grown substantially in recent years.

Other areas, such as comic books and movie memorabilia, are proving less popular - with less than 10% of those surveyed across all bands investing.

However, this may be a generational thing.

The majority of the Mass Affluent collectors (8%) are older people. The younger collectors (35 and under) making up the remaining 6% will have different tastes and interests.

It seems that toys, furniture and books are of particular interest to younger collectors - which could lead to growth in these areas.

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