1941 Bermuda Government £5 note makes $60,000 at Spink

A Bermuda Government £5 note dating to August 1, 1941 was the top lot of the Dr David Saul collection of Bermuda banknotes sale on October 4 in London, when it auctioned for £38,000 ($61,070).

It was expected to make up to £15,000 ($23,575) - thus achieving an increase of 153%.

Described as rarer even than the classic commonwealth rarities, the note was removed from circulation soon after its release due to it closely resembling a 5 shilling note.

Bermuda banknote Spinks
The banknote features a portrait of George VI in an oval frame

Another Bermuda Government £5, in a lurid orange and dating to 1952, made £25,000 ($40,181). It features the serial number A/1 000001, and a portrait of Elizabeth II in George IV's state diadem to the right.

A 5 shilling from 1952, also featuring serial number A/1 000001, was another highlight. This would have been the first ever Elizabeth II note circulated in Bermuda.

The sale of the Ibrahim Salem collection of African banknotes took place on the same day, and was led by a Zanzibar Government 5 rupee.

Zanzibar 5 rupee
The note features the serial number 74493

The note is from August 1, 1916 and features ornate background detail - including a dhow and fruit pickers. Two signatures appear on the front, along with an interesting annotation: "Rent paid for a week".

Valued at £8,000-12,000 ($12,857-19,286), it hammered for £23,000 ($36,965) - an increase of 91.6%.

A Bank of the Gold Coast uniface obverse and reverse composite essay for £100, dating to 1953 and featuring serial number 123456, sold for £8,500 ($13,661).

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