1929 Bank of New Zealand £100 printer's specimen auctions for $11,500

A 1929 Bank of New Zealand printer's archival specimen £100 note has hammered for £7,000 ($11,434) at Spink London.

It was the highlight of the World Banknotes sale, which took place on December 5.

Bank New Zealand £100
The first banknotes local to New Zealand were issued in 1934

Before 1967, New Zealand used the sterling system, with the first banknotes brought over on ships from Europe.

Local notes were first issued in 1934 following the establishment of a reserve bank in New Zealand in 1930.

The note is olive green on a multicoloured underprint with a portrait of Maori king Tawhiao to the right, and a Lakeland scene with two Maoris on the reverse.

It features the date of production and other annotations in ink in the margin, along with a cancellation, but is in otherwise uncirculated condition and extremely rare.

A set of hand drawn essays and trials, produced for the Anglo-Palestine Bank for emergency issue following the withdrawal of the British in 1948, made £6,500 ($10,617).

Anglo-Palestine bank essays
The notes were produced after the withdrawal of the British from Palestine in 1948

The lot comprised 500 mils, £1, £5 and £10 notes in black and white with zero serial numbers. Each featured the signatures of Ziegfried Hoofien and Aharon Barth, directors of the Anglo-Palestine Bank at the time.

The notes were never distributed and instead most were destroyed on the arrival of the American banknote, which was issued in July, 1948.

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