1879 Flowing Hair $4 brings $194,000 to Heritage Auctions

An 1879 Flowing Hair $4 Stella has sold at the top of Heritage Auctions' September 25-29 US Coins Signature Auction in Long Beach.

1879 Flowing Hair HA
The 1879 Stella is one of an estimated 425 ever struck

The coin, graded PR65 Cameo by PCGS, sold for an impressive $183,875. The sale follows an 1880 Coiled Hair Stella setting a record price at Bonhams last week.

The 1879 Flowing Hair Stella is considered the "type coin" of the Stella series, with the three other variants from 1879 and 1880 being of the utmost rarity.

There are no exact figures as to how many survive, but it is certainly a higher figure that that of the 1879 and 1880 Coiled Hair Stella or the 1880 Flowing Hair Stella.

The example at auction is in superb condition, its fields deeply reflective with all of the devices heavily frosted. This specimen is given a unique appearance by two planchet flaws, as well as a rich orange gold colour.

In 2012, another 1879 Flowing Hair Stella of the same grade sold for $184,000, representing a 5.3% pa increase in value for the coin.

Also selling well was one of only 74 1912 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, graded PR66+, which sold for $164,500.

There is only one other example of the coin that has been given a higher grading than this example at PCGS, which was minted with a sandblast finish, as opposed to the earlier matte and Roman finishes.

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