1870 Carson City double eagle makes $188,000 in New York sale

An 1870 Carson City double eagle has sold for $188,000 in Heritage Auctions' October 8-13 sale of US coins in New York.

Relatively few gold coins were issued at Carson City. The mint was established there after a major discovery of silver ore at the Comstock Lode, although pockets of gold were found over the years.

1870 double CC
The 1870 double eagle is the rarest Carson City gold issue

Heritage comments: "Besides its profound rarity (the greatest of any gold issue from the Carson City Mint), the 1870-CC double eagle also stands as one of the most sought-after of all American gold coins in general.

"Many collectors endeavour to complete a set of CC-mint double eagles, with the 1870-CC being the only legitimate 'stopper,' a factor which only increases its desirability.

"The coin ranks among Garrett and Guth's 100 Greatest American Coins, third edition, where it is heralded as the 'King of Carson City gold.'"

A PR64 graded 1879 $4 flowing hair proved another highlight, achieving $165,675.

The coin was introduced in 1879 in an attempt to facilitate international trade by setting its value to that of the Austrian florin, but the project was shelved the following year due to its cost.

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