1804 $10 Crosslet 4 eagle expected to exceed $47,500

An 1804 $10 Crosslet 4 eagle is to lead a sale of rare coins at Heritage Auctions in Atlanta on February 27-28.

It will be offered with an opening bid of $47,500.

1804 gold eagle Heritage
The Crosslet 4 variation is the rarest example of the 1804 gold eagle

The 1804 eagles were the last to be struck until 1838, as the result of a roaring trade in exporting gold to Europe. The examples struck after 1838 feature a significantly reduced gold content.

Crosslet 4 refers to the short stroke across the numeral that was produced on the Bass-Dannreuther die state, and is the rarest and most valuable iteration of the type.

The coin is often referred to as the Turban Head eagle, in reference to the headpiece worn by Liberty.

The example offered features light die cracks and a weak strike to the lower left but is otherwise in exceptional condition, graded AU55.

A 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent is also featured, with an opening bid of $32,500.

Around 484,000 were issued in 1909, of which a relatively high number are known to have survived to the present day.

The reason for its high value is a result of its popularity among collectors of Lincoln cents. It is the rarest of its type and demand more than outstrips supply.

Heritage describes the coin, graded MS67, as "one the most amazing S-VDB cents we have ever had the pleasure of offering."

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