1792 Judd-10 disme sells for $587,500 at Heritage Auctions

Heritage's ANA US Coins auction was topped by a superb 1792 Judd-10 disme

Heritage Auctions' ANA US Coins Signature Auction was highlighted on October 21 by the sale of a 1792 Judd-10 disme.

1792 Judd-10 disme Heritage The finest example of the Judd-10 is currently housed in the Smithsonian

Judd-10 refers to the coin's type as categorised by Dr J Hewitt Judd (1899-1986), one of America's foremost experts of pattern and experimental coins. The 1792 disme can be separated into three distinct groups: the Judd-9, which is struck in silver with a reeded edge; the Judd-11, struck in copper with a plain edge; and the present example, Judd-10, which is also struck in copper but shares the reeded edge of Judd-9.

While the half dismes of 1792 - which are widely considered the first US coins struck under the Mint Act of the same year - were certainly introduced into circulation, the dismes are far rarer and appear to have been created strictly as pattern coins. The example at auction originates from Dr Judd's own personal collection.

1792 Judd-10 Disme The coin is one of just two proof examples currently known

Judd's disme is certified as a proof, based on its strike and surface quality. Author Walter Breen states that this piece shares similar qualities to the finest known example of Judd-10, which is currently housed in the Smithsonian, and therefore, implies that the two pieces are the only examples that should be considered proofs.

There are believed to be around 20 to 25 examples of the 1792 disme currently in existence, with many in middle to low grades. Perhaps the finest example of the coin on the market today, the disme at auction sold for an impressive $587,500, graded PR62 Brown NGC.

See more results from Heritage's ANA US Coins Signature Auction here. We will also be bringing you the results of the ANA Currency Signature Auction in the coming days, so be sure to check back with us regularly.

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