Your own Lister Storm for £135k

An exceptionally powerful racing car with a fine competitive pedigree has emerged in the classic automobiles market.

The Lister Storm was originally built by Lister Cars in 1993.

It was fitted with, at the time, the biggest engine to be used in a road car since World War Two.

Under the Lister Storm's bonnet is a seven litre 6996cc engine, based on the power unit originally used in the Jaguar XJR sports cars which appeared at Le Mans during the 1980s.

The Storm was first entered at Le Mans in 1995, in the GT1 Class. There it faced powerful and renowned competitors including the McLaren F1, Ferrari F40, Porsche 911 GT2 and the Jaguar XJ220.

The Lister Storm, from 1995 (£135k)

In its heyday, the Storm was the fastest four-seater in the world (a title which is now claimed by the CLS-based Brabus Rocket).

The Storm boasted the biggest
engine in a road car since World
War Two

This 1995 example, with green race livery bodywork, is the only left-hand-drive version ever made.

In the above video, racing driver and car expert Tiff Needell puts the right-handed version through its paces on the racetrack.

According to the car's seller, Oakfields, UK, this Storm was raced twice at Mille Miglia Interlagos during 2003-2004. Since then, the car has seen occasional action on the owner's private race track.

It is available on the market with an asking price of £135,000 and, sold with a full tank of petrol, is ready for you to drive to the supermarket.

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