Video of the Week... Chris Evans's collection of white Ferraris

To British radio and television audiences, Chris Evans is known as one of the UK's best known presenters and - in his younger years - hell raisers.  

But, among the global classic automobile collections, Evans has another reputation: as one of the most impassioned collectors of Ferraris in the world.

Last week, another string was added to Evans's collecting bow when he purchased what is now the most expensive in Britain: the Ferrari 250 GTO.

The multi-millionaire star spent an incredible £12m on the rare 1960s Ferrari, which is regarded by collectors and experts as one of Enzo's very finest motors for its beauty and provenance.

Chris Evans's Ferrari GTO 250 - its value has appreciated 17.55% for each
year of its life since 1963


Unsurprisingly, the world's media rushed in to find out more about the sale - and uncover why the world's wealthiest are so captivated by classic automobiles.

"Vintage vehicles are becoming increasingly highly prized as a growing number of collectors around the world compete to buy the very best and rarest models" - the BBC reports on Chris Evans's £12m Ferrari 250 GTO

The Ferrari 250 GTO is regarded as a 'Holy Grail' among collectors. It is just one of 36 ever built, and one of just three with its particular body style.

Its beauty is matched by its racing pedigree and provenance - including coming second in the Spa 500km race in 1964, which further boosts the car's value.

The 250 GTO was purchased for just £6,000 brand new back in 1963 - meaning that its value has appreciated 17.55% for each year since then.

Evans himself has described the car as "without doubt, the most sought after car in the world." Yet, even more impressively, the car is one of many featured in Evans's collection.

His other acquisitions have include a 250 GT SWB California Spyder, formerly owned by the Hollywood actor James Coburn. Evans bought the car for £5m in 2008.

In fact, Evans has been building his collection ever since his media profile and personal multi-million pound fortune began to gain momentum in the mid-1990s - and he is clearly a man who believes in the investment potential of classic cars.

Within the renowned Chris Evans Ferrari Collection is his assortment of white Ferraris - at which our Video of the Week takes a closer look.

The white Ferrari's include a Ferrari F40, a Ferrari 288 GTO and a Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta which was recently sold by RM Auctions for €2,632,000.

In the above videos, John Collins of the exotic Ferrari dealer Talacrest discusses Evans's collection, which he helped to build, and shows us some of the rolling works of art which make it so exceptional.

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