'Tarzan's jolopy': the MG classic car that returned from the jungle

It's amazing where people leave their cars and bikes.

Earlier this year we reported on a classic Harley-Davidson Peashooter motorcycle which someone had left in the toilet area of an Australian mine - useful for a pit stop.

A year earlier, the story came out about a classic Bugatti which had gone a stage damper, being dredged up from a French lake and eventually sold by Bonhams for €260,000. The reason for its disrespectful treatment is thought to have been avoidance of import duties which would have outstripped the then worth of the much-used car.

Now there's the story of the 'Jungle MG' - a car which eventually found a careful owner. Michael Standen discovered the rusting 1954 MG TF1500 while working in Borneo, north of Australia four decades ago.

The MG was completely wrecked - trees had grown through the chassis and snakes had made their home in it. But in a labour of love Mr Standen had it shipped back to Britain and restored to beautiful condition.

The MG was bought at auction for £20,000 ($32,000) by beef farmer Jodie Green, of Ely, Cambridgeshire, who was impressed by its history.

How the car ended up in the jungle remains a mystery, but from now on it should be free from snakes, and as it's unlikely that any of Ms Green's cows will make a home inside it should enjoy a comfortable retirement following its jungle adventures.


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