Setting the pace for the classic car markets... Revealing the $1.1m Bentley


If ever proof were needed that classic cars are a great way for investors to get a return on their cash, the recent sale of a 1931 Bentley for £670,500 ($1,102,436) certainly shows this is the case.

The Bentley 4½ Litre was sold by Historics At Brooklands last Thursday, June 2, along with a large collection of other classics.

However, there is no reason to wait 80 years to sell yours, as the definition of what 'classic' is has changed over time.

After selling for more than $1m, this fantastic Bentley was clearly the highlight




This Ferrari shows that relatively modern cars are now part of the 'classic' market


A 1997 Ferrari F355 Spider is only 14 years old, yet can now be called a classic vehicle, with one selling for a price of £43,582 ($71,670).

Similarly a 1999 Bentley Continental can now also be considered part of the classic market, having sold for £45,258 ($74,413).

For this reason, cars are becoming a more accessible way of getting into the collectibles field. It has become less restricted, and there is more of an opportunity to sell your vehicle despite it not necessarily being old.

Aston Martin have long been a company associated with this market, and their reputation for making cars which remain valuable long after production was enhanced by the sale of a 1989 Aston Martin V8 Zagato Volante for £68,167.


This stylish 1958 Jaguar XK150 sold above its original estimate of $74,070-90,530


There were of course more traditional classic cars for sale as part of the auction, with the most notable ones being a brilliant 1972 Ferrari 246GTS Dino, which was bought for £67,050 ($110,243).

Another great lot was the 1958 Jaguar XK150, with a traditional stylised bonnet, which sold for £70,013 ($115,108). That was well above its estimate of £45,000-55,000 ($74,070-90,530).

Clearly there's a lot of life in the classic car market.


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