Michèle Moutonwas the first woman to win a round of the World Rally Championships: San Remo in 1981. She did this with the help of the unique grip and handling of an Audi Quattro Turbo's all wheel drive.

One of the cars available for auction this Saturday in Auckland is a 1984 example of the model. It has 130,000 on the clock and is expected to sell for NZ$25,000, but this is less than the NZ$35,000 spent on re-conditioning the engine, and the turbo has been tweaked to improve performance.

A really classic collectible European sports car is the 1955 Jaguar XK 140 coupe. It is in fine condition, with a red finish and black leather interior. It is a very comfortable car to drive with rack and pinion steering, and much improved shock absorption and leg room compared to previous models.

Since being imported from Germany it has been registered and gained a warranty, and is estimated to sell for over NZ$50,000.

For real comfort though, the Bentley Turbo R Limo is probably supreme. The interior is roomy and feels opulent with its creamy leather finish, and it even carries a fridge! NZ$27,000 is quite reasonable for a car of this kind, and it might be expected to increase in value.

US car lovers may wish to consider a restored poppy orange Ford Mustang for NZ$30,000, or a burgundy (with white roof) convertible Ford Thunderbird, both from 1965.

Viewings take place tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday morning before the auction itself at 12pm.  ____________________________________________________________

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