Porsche 'Flunder' Langheck prototype realises $3.4m

A 1969-1970 Porsche 908.02 "Flunder" Langheck Group 6 racing prototype sold for £2.1m ($3.4m) in Bonhams' Bond Street sale on November 30.

The lot was raced by the Martini International team, which included drivers Dr Helmut Marko and Rudi Lins.

Porsche flunder
The Porsche 'Flunder' Langheck was raced between 1969 and 1970

"Flunder" is in reference to the car's shape, said to remember a sole or a flounder, while Langheck refers to its long tail.

Bonhams commented prior to the sale: "The car is presented in its 1970 Le Mans 'Flunder' Langheck form and it simply goes without saying that it is an outstanding classic-era Porsche with great history both ex-works and post-works.

"We are advised that the car's nose section, floor, doors etc are all original from period, the only substantial new replacement section being the 'Langheck' tail itself.

"The engine has been rebuilt by renowned ex-works specialist Gustav Nietsche, and the car itself has in recent times been included within the Le Mans display at the Porsche Museum, no less, in Stuttgart."

The car was raced extensively during its heyday and achieved third place at Le Mans in 1970. It also starred in the 1971 film of the same name, directed by Steve McQueen.

A Ferrari 275 GTB long nose alloy Berlinetta also sold well, achieving £1.8m ($2.8m).

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