Our Top Five entry-level Classic Car investments

There are few better ways to enjoy the summer than behind the wheel of a classic car.

Here, we take a look at some great appreciating investments which can be found on the collectors' markets - and bring together five rolling works of art that offer you passion, pleasure and profit...

#5 Jaguar XJ-S - £2,000-5,000

The sleek and classic XJ-S is perfect for summer day trips to the local pub, and is fast catching up with its E-Type predecessor in the investibility and style stakes.

The Jaguar XJ-S 

Intended as a replacement for the E-Type, the XJ-S was based on XJ6 chassis and offered a more sedate, Grand Tourer drive in comparison to the sportier E-Type, combined with over-light power assisted steering.

The XJ-S remained in production for 20 years, longer than any other Jag, until 1996. Average to excellent models can be bought for as little as £2,000, with healthy value appreciations shown in recent market and auction prices.

#4 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 S1/S2 - £7,250-8,750

The Spider's delicate stylings and sophisticated engineering made it the polar opposite of its no-nonsense British counterparts. Alfa Romeo couldn't leave its cars alone in the 1960s-70s - and today collectors can buy the robust 2.0 litre model, produced between 1969-82, for less than £10,000.

The Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

Its Pininfarina stylings were left untouched until the 1970 restyle which lengthened the body and added a lustier 2000cc twin-cam engine. Collectors should avoid examples with ripples in the bodywork or paint, and make sure the car's ownership and service history is fully documented.

#3 Datsun 240Z - £9,000-11,000

Today regarded by many as the world's best sports line, it all began here with the Datsun 240Z which was produced between 1969-78.

The Datsun 240Z

With its spot-on Monocoque bodywork styled by Albrecht Goertz, powerful 161bhp performance from its rorty straight-six engine and noted reputation for reliability, the Datsun 240Z was for many years the best-selling sportscar in the world.

Over 150,000 examples were made during the car's five-year production run. Good to excellent 240Z's can be bought for £9,000-11,000, and values are seriously appreciating.

#2 MGB Roadster - £9,000-11,250

For some, the MGB Roadster with a convertible hood is the ideal summer classic automobile. Indeed, in its 1960s heyday the MGB was the world's best-selling car until the arrival of the Datsun 240Z.

The MGB Roadster

Contemporary specs under the bonnet made the MGB a delight to drive, with plenty of power on-tap thanks to its 1.8 litre B-series engine. Examples can be bought for as little as £9,000 in good condition, or around £11,250 in excellent condition.

Check that the bodywork is straight and rust-free - and it's best to invest in a pre-1973 chrome bumper model. The later rubber bumpered versions were modified to meet North American regulations, and vilified by MGB fans at the time.

#1 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - £11,000-14,000

Produced between 1965-80, this refined cruiser was intended as a Rolls-Royce for the masses; who unitary construction, all-round disc brakes and self-levelling suspension were revolutionary for the company.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

Beneath a classic mix of classic and then-contemporary car design, the original 6230cc V8 engine rose to a 6750cc in 1970 - although, by 1977, the car had fallen victim to rubber bumpers and a front air dam.

With 'good' models on the market for £11,000, the Silver Shadow is an excellent opportunity for entry-level investors to enjoy Rolls-Royce's upper class air.

Bear in mind that the later 6.75-litre version is a gas-guzzler with potentially large running costs. Also avoid examples with straight or spotted bodywork, which can lead to crippling bills.

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