Miami Vice Ferrari to sell for $1.8m on eBay?

One of the iconic white Ferrari Testarossas featured in the hit TV series Miami Vice has appeared for sale on eBay.

Ferrari Testarossa Miami Vice
The Testarossa was donated by Enzo Ferrari himself, who was outraged at the use of a replica

The car, a fantastic piece of TV history and a renowned model among enthusiasts, holds a reserve of $1.8m, with the sale due to close on January 7.

The first couple of seasons of Miami Vice saw Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) driving a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder GTS/4 replica, but legal issues forced the show to stop using the Ferrari copy.

Enzo Ferrari himself saw the replica being used and filed a lawsuit, insisting that it be blown up on the show in return for the donation of two 1986 Ferrari Testarossas direct from the factory.

Originally painted metallic black, the two Testarossas were repainted in Miami Vice white to fit Crockett's cover as a major drug dealer, as well as to better suit the high-speed night car chases.

One of the two "hero" cars was previously housed in Fort Lauderdale's Swap Shop, with the owner purchasing it from NBC for $750,000 and reportedly turning down offers of $1m.

The example up for auction looks to be in fantastic original condition, with the owner stating it is fully documented by Ferrari with a full service history from Shelton Ferrari in Fort Lauderdale.

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