'Max Wedge' Plymouth classic car races into Kansas City auction

If you're a classic car collector with a love of stock car racing and drag racing, then this 1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan could be for you.

The '62 Plymouth will auction in Kansas City, US, between March 29-31.

Beneath this classic car's hood is a Max Wedge replica. The first Max Wedge appeared in April 1962, after Chrysler engineers began tests on long-ram and short-ram engines in the 1950s. It measured just 413 cubic inches and offered plenty of power for its size.


Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedans 413 CI engine410.jpg
A drag... in a good way: the 1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan

Since then, Max Wedges have inspired a cult of sorts among car restoration enthusiasts.

This 1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan's 413 CI engine produces 413/440 HP with heads, intake and air cleaners. The motor is complimented by a 4-Speed gear change.

In terms of aesthetics, the classic Plymouth is painted bright red on a rust-free California body. The car's interior is jet black with super stock bucket seats, perfect for racing.

This 1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan car is already attracting some presale interest, and will definitely be one to watch in the March 29-31 sale.

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