HAGI Top Index shows 15.3% increase in 2014

The market for classic cars has maintained growth in 2014, with the HAGI Top Index showing a 15.3% increase for the year to date.

Porsche flunder
Despite a loss in November, Porsche has shown the greatest growth in 2014

The index tracks the rare collector's automobile market, focusing on vehicles from the pre-war period to the new millennium. It has seen a 24.4% increase in the 12 months to November 2014.

Ferrari is performing well as ever, with the HAGI F Index showing a 1.3% increase in November to mark an 18.1% increase for the year to date.

After five months of gains, Porsche fell by 8.5% last month, bringing the year to date rise to 23.8% - still the strongest of all HAGI indices. Demand for competition Porsche models remains high.

The recently-introduced Mercedes-Benz index was up 0.9% in November, with a 9.1% increase in 2014 so far.

The classic car market will see the annual Scottsdale auctions in January, which brings many of the top auction houses and dealers to Arizona. Major sales will take place, bringing further gains to the market and instilling confidence in collectors.

Many have warned that the often dramatic prices seen in the classic car market are the result of a price bubble, but indices such as those produced by HAGI reflect a more robust market.

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