George Harrison’s Porsche 928 will sell in March

A black 1980 Porsche 928 belonging to George Harrison is selling at Omega Auctions in Warrington, UK on March 17.

The car is estimated to make up to £20,000 ($24,848), a sum that looks low given the enormous demand for Beatle memorabilia.

Harrison's Aston Martin DB5 made $464,736 at RM Sotheby's in 2007, substantially more than its market value. 

George Harrison Wiki

George Harrison enjoyed a successful solo career in the 1980s 

There’s an intriguing story behind its discovery.

The consignor, Raj Seedha, explained that he bought the car in Leeds in 2003.

He had intended to use it for spare parts, until the seller explained its provenance and urged him to keep it intact. 

Mr Seedha decided to keep the car as an investment.

It’s not in the best condition, but represents a great challenge for any Beatles fan with an interest in automobiles.

Harrison owned the car for four years during the 1980s. It was registered to Friar Park, his large and eccentric mansion in Henley-on-Thames.

Auctioneer Paul Fairweather comments: “For anybody that’s into cars and The Beatles, this is a must-have.

“The 928 is an absolute classic and the fact that it was owned by George for four years from new will ensure that it roars off the auction block.”

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